In order to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe time on their visit, we have a few necessary rules here at the BC Renaissance Festival;

Weapons Policy

  1. All people entering into the site with a ‘bladed weapon’ (dagger, sword, etc.) or arrows must have them peace bonded. Swords must be peace bonded to your belt or to the sheath and arrows must be tied together in a bunch and left in their quiver. Historical firearms and replicas must be disabled (have flints removed and hammer peace-bonded), unloaded, and be secured within a holster or to a belt. Toy weapons are acceptable but may be required to be secured at security’s discretion. If you have any questions please see staff or a member of the security team.
  2. For people wishing to have pictures taken with their swords drawn, there will be an area set aside for that purpose. The weapon must be peace bonded again before leaving the area.
  3. Swinging around staffs or bows can be taken as an aggressive move and the weapon can be removed for the duration of the day. If you draw your bow and attempt to dry-fire it, it can also be taken away for the duration of the day. Note: It is never recommended that you dry-fire a bow AND, other than at the archery range, you cannot nock an arrow in any area of our site. This will not even be tolerated in the photo area.
  4. If your weapon is not peace bonded upon entering the fair, you will be asked to either bond it or return it to your car for the duration of your visit to the fair.
  5. Weapons vendors are required to either peace bond or wrap the weapon securely after the sale of a weapon.
  6. Some members of the ensemble will be ‘stage fighting’ throughout the grounds. We can tell the difference between our actors and a ‘playtron’ by the small BCRF badge that they will be wearing. Please do not try to ‘join in’ on the show.

Pet Policy

  1. Our festival is pet free. Any animals that are performing will have to be approved by the entertainment director. If you have traveled with your pet, please make arrangements to leave it at your campsite/hotel/friend’s home/with a sitter.
  2. Handicap assist animals (such as guide dogs) are accepted but must remain with their owners at all times and on a leash (or equivalent). Please be responsible with your working animals and clean up after them.
  3. To patrons: Please respect working animals. Do not approach them, talk to them, offer your hand to them or feed them without permission from the owners. Working animals can include performance, show, and demonstration animals as well as assist animals

General Patron Policies

  1. We go on, rain or shine. No rain checks. No refunds
  2. Patrons are encouraged to wear costumes suitable for a family-friendly atmosphere to get into the spirit of the event! Though if a costume is too revealing, we may ask you to cover up (we draw the line at banana hammocks and pasties).
  3. We respect traditional garments, but we do request that the Scottish not try to prove how “traditional” they are in public.
  4. We freely encourage our guests to get into the spirit, but no uncontracted performances are permitted. If you really want to get in on the action, you should think about AUDITIONING

These are our  policies as of January 2014.  If you have any questions just ask one of our SECURITY TEAM


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